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Welcome to the City of Atlantis

by Ylvi
Welcome to the City of Atlantis sims 4 lots

Along with the wedding package we have a new mediterranean themed map and this is very suitable for building atlantis. we all love this mysterious world and it’s really easy to recreate that world in this game

Sims 4 lots , Welcome to the City of Atlantis ! You can either use this as a house with your family, or use it as a bar nightclub lounge restaurant afe hangout and much more! Swim in the ancient pools or explore the underwater castle . Endless possibilities await! dineout gettowork gettogether spaday nocc windenburg. eyeshadow

Any Mod

It’s an old little neighborhood that has been completely restored.

There are 4 stores where you can reorder as you wish. my aim was to give this set the look of a small mediterranean village.
If you decide to live here, you will find a small apartment on the top floor.

A restaurant in the middle of the beach where you can always go.

There is a furniture and household goods store at the beginning of the street.

On the road, on the right, is an amazing shop for decorative items and souvenirs.
and there is a small rest area.

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