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UWUFO Lamp 5 Swatches

by Root
UWUFO Lamp 5 Swatches

Finding the perfect alien items in The Sims 4 is no easy task, but it certainly isn’t impossible with the wonderful exclusive content available online. We hope you enjoyed these alien CC packs and items.

UWUFO Lamp 5 Swatches

| 9.8K Polys | BGC | Custom Light Stylish bathroom with new towel system and with 3 lamps for short. It can be found on Parties under Entertainment or Table Lamps under Lighting, both categories in Buy mode. In this set of 5 polishes, we have some light beiges. A cool slate grey is the default, but there are 3 other swatches if your sim prefers a splash

Credit : mechtasims

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