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The Sims 5 What We Know

by Root
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It’s more than an open secret: Electronic Arts and Maxis have been working on a The Sims 5, a new generation for The Sims games, for some time. Even if it is unclear whether the next Sims generation is really called The Sims 5 – EA itself always only speaks of a “future The Sims game” – we strongly assume that the development team will keep the numbering of the games.

So far there is no concrete information. But over the last few months, statements about a The Sims 5 have increased. In addition, there are clear indications that the development is progressing through job advertisements from the developers. At the same time, these job postings provide clues as to the direction in which The Sims 5 can develop. Please note: before the announcement and until the final release of the fifth Sims Generation, a lot of things in the game can change.

The Sims 5 will come out eventually. What do we already know about the fifth generation Sims and what are we hoping for? We discuss that with our today’s guest simproved.

The Sims 4 has been around for a very long time. However, the fourth generation of Sims will not last forever. Eventually there will be The Sims 5 (or whatever it’s called). We summarize what we already know about the fifth Sims generation on our info page about The Sims 5 .

In our latest podcast episode, we take a look at the next generation of Sims, what we already know and what we hope to be possible. We’ve brought in another guest for this purpose: construction mode pro simproved will be there and contribute their assessments of the next Sims offshoot.

Online mode in The Sims 5

  • According to EA boss Andrew Wilson, the Sims developers are considering an online mode . Several job postings for the development team confirm that this mode is in the works.
  • However, it looks like this online mode will also be available .
  • So there could be an additional multiplayer mode in addition to the previously known single player mode.
  • This should also work across platforms .
  • In this online mode then no cheats should be possible.
  • At the same time, this online mode could also entail a kind of subscription service . How exactly this can be designed is currently not known.

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