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tattoos biki hq complite

by Root
tattoos biki hq complite

Tanning Sunburn Bikini Tattoo, with 3 variations of tanning sunburn bikini tattoo i’ve reached another milestone and it’s unbelievable that someone likes this ‘content’ it means a lot, thank you so much! the first part contains a recolor 

Full body tattoos

– Full body, mix and match, black and white tattoos
– 7 swatches total:

~ 1 x chest and stomach tattoos
~ 1 x back and neck tattoos
~ 2 x arm sleeve tattoos (1x right, 1x left arm)
~ 2 x hand tattoos (1x right, 1x left arm)
~ 1 x full upper body design that can be overlaid for stronger opacity.

– Made only for males
– Suited for Teens-Elders and all of occults
– HQ compatible
– Disabled for Random

+HQ Complite +hand drawn +1swatch

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