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1.96-1.96 WickedWhims 177.1 (17.03.2023)

by Ylvi
Sims 4 WickedWhims Mod

Here is a short tutorial on how to download the Wicked Whims Mod. how to download the mod and animations for it . I also show how to use the attractiveness feature that comes with it! clothes

It comes with so many other great features so I do recommend this mod for more realistic gameplay! TIPS to download and use WickedWhims mod

How to enable and disable random woohoo whims

Animations mod- download

the best CC and mods and tips and tricks to fix your game as well.

[1.90-1.90] WickedWhims 173.2 (10.08.2022)

[1.90-1.90] WickedWhims 173 (05.08.2022)

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