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Sims 4 Cheats Expansion Packs

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Sims 4 Cheats Expansion Packs

Cheats for The Sims 4: Seasons

cheat codeEffect
seasons.advance_seasonChanges to the next following season
seasons.set_season [1-4]The season changes in all worlds according to the given number (1 = spring | 2 = summer | 3 = autumn | 4 = winter)
weather.summon_lightning_strikeLightning strikes in the neighborhood
weather.lightning_strike_objectLightning strikes a random object

Cheats for The Sims 4: Realm of Magic

cheat codeEffect
traits.equip_trait trait_Occult_WitchOccultTurns the Sim into a Mage
traits.remove_trait trait_Occult_WitchOccultTurns a Mage back into a normal Sim
stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_WitchOccult_WitchXP [number]Replace [number] with a number (maximum 2850) to add a corresponding amount of Mage experience to your Sim. You can see how many experience points your Sims need for the individual ranks here: 

50 XP: Apprentice
350 XP: Newcomer
850 XP: Assistant
1550 XP: Initiate
2350 XP: Master
2850 XP: Virtuoso

Cheats for The Sims 4: Sustainable Living

In order to be able to use these cheats, you have to testingcheats true activate the cheat in advance.

cheat codeEffect
eco_footprint.set_eco_footprint_state 0The neighborhood gets a green ecological footprint
eco_footprint.set_eco_footprint_state 1The neighborhood receives a neutral ecological footprint
eco_footprint.set_eco_footprint_state 2The neighborhood gets an industrial ecological footprint

All-rounder cheat (testingcheats true)

cheat codeEffect
testingcheats [true/false]true activates further cheat options, false deactivates them again
cas.fulleditmodeThis input into the cheat console will unlock all options in Create a Sim mode during gameplay. You can also change your Sim’s appearance afterwards.
[Shift]-click on a SimSelect one of these options:
Reset Sim – Resets Sim
Add to Family – Adds the Sim to the current family
Change needs > Meet needs – Puts all needs in the green area
Change needs > Enable needs reduction – Enables needs to decrease
Change needs > Disable Needs Mining – Freezes needs
Modify in CAS – Allows editing of the Sim in CAS
Click on an object while holding down the [Shift] keyReset Object – Resets object
[Shift]-click on an object that can get dirtyMake Dirty – Makes the object dirty
[Shift]-click on an object that is dirtyClean – Makes the object clean
Click on the ground while holding down the [Shift] keyTeleport Here – Teleports the active Sim to this location

Get to work: cheat trade perks

cheat codeEffect
bucks.unlock_perk StorePlacard_1 truePlaque “My first Simoleon”
bucks.unlock_perk PedestalMimic trueProvocative display table
bucks.unlock_perk SignageMimic trueShield of Astonishment
bucks.unlock_perk RetailOutfit trueSmart shirt
bucks.unlock_perk RegisterMimic trueCash register of tomorrow
bucks.unlock_perk DecreaseRestocking_Temporary trueExcess Surplus
bucks.unlock_perk AdditionalWorker_1 trueAdditional Clerk #1
bucks.unlock_perk RestockSpeed_Small trueRefill faster (low)
bucks.unlock_perk CheckoutSpeed_Small trueCash in faster (low)
bucks.unlock_perk StorePlacard_2 truePlaque “shopping spree”
bucks.unlock_perk CustomerBrowseTime trueCurious shopper
bucks.unlock_perk ImproveManagementSocials truemega manager
bucks.unlock_perk AdditionalWorker_2 trueAdditional Clerk #2
bucks.unlock_perk CustomerPurchaseIntent trueSerious customer
bucks.unlock_perk CheckoutSpeed_Large trueCash in faster (extreme)
bucks.unlock_perk RestockSpeed_Large trueReplenish Faster (Extreme)
bucks.unlock_perk SureSaleSocial trueSecure sale
bucks.unlock_perk ImproveRetailSocials trueRefined seller
bucks.unlock_perk InstantRestock trueTop up immediately
bucks.unlock_perk DescreaseRestockingCost trueTop up cheaper

Frequently asked questions about cheats in The Sims 4

How to open cheat bar in The Sims 4 (PC)?

To open the input line for the cheats on the PC, press the [Ctrl] [Shift] [C] keys at the same time. An input line then opens at the top left. Here you can type in the cheats. With [Enter] you confirm the cheats.

How to open cheat bar for The Sims 4 on PS4?

On the PlayStation 4, you can easily open the command line by pressing the R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 keys at the same time.

With which cheat do I get more money?

To get more money (simoleons) for your sims, you can use two cheat codes: rosebudadds 1,000 simoleons to your account. With motherlode50,000 Simoleons end up in your Sims’ account.

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