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Maxis Match Outfit 5 items

by Root
Maxis Match Outfit 5 items

Hey guys! For a long time I wanted to make some y2k items (specially the butterfly top from Blumarine) and Coachella was the perfect theme for it! Originally I was going to make more items but I actually stopped working on the month’s set to make these and tbh I would just run out of time, so I decided to post this outfit only.
Lately I’ve been extra careful with my items (testing them in low quality game settings, etc). I used to just make things extra fast and because of that some details were missed, so I apologize for my delay . I hope you all enjoy these and the April 22 set must be out very soon as well

Simchella Outfit 5 items

25 colors from by default clothing palette/some pieces have specific swatches (glasses, necklace, boots). PS: I edited a few colors from my default palette

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