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Amazing Scandinavian Tiny House how made?

by Ylvi
Scandinavian Tiny House sims 4

Sweet and modern cottage in scandinavian Style. Please use the cheat bb.moveobjects before you place this area

 is a modern, asymmetrical take on the gabled farmhouse and features many of their signature design ideas

Scandinavian Style Tiny Home For Minimalist Living. Sims that build their own Tiny Homes on wheels later seek permission from a landowner in the village and roll their home onto the designated part of the land

I don’t know about you, but I’m really happy about this!

Scandinavian lifestyle How?

And if I’m not mistaken, the wonderful houses here are perfect for the Scandinavian lifestyle.

If you say what it takes to make a Scandinavian style house, you should definitely buy the tiny living package.

Choose from micro house (32x), mini house (64x) or tiny house (100x) and share your tiny house creations! It doesn’t matter whether you own the pack or use CC… The important thing is that you enjoy it and show us how your Sims can feel comfortable in a small space.

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