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Credit : theplumbobfairy

The Rose Makeup Set is a set of soft glam/natural makeup designed to enhance all natural skin colors, for sims from the teen through the elder age. 


  • Base Game Compatible
  • Teen – Elder
  • Disallowed for Random
  • All Occult Types & Outfit Categories
  • Custom Thumbnails

The set is composed of four items: an eyeshadow, a blush, an eyeliner and a set of freckles.


An elegant, soft glam eyeshadow in a nude palette.

  • 14 swatches in peach, reddish, brown and black shades
  • Feminine & Masculine Frame
  • Tested on all EA’s eye shapes
  • Tested on Skin Overlays & Skintones


You’ll find two versions of this file in the set zip: they’re compatible and I recommend having both in your mods folder. The V1 is softer and less opaque, works better on light to medium skin colors and is compatible with skin overlays and some skintones; the V2 is more pigmented, works also on dark skincolors and is compatible with all the skintones I tested it on. It also has some additional shades for the darker skincolors.


A soft and subtle flush of color to grace the cheeks of sims of all skin colors.

  • 14 swatches: 7 peach and 7 pink shades
  • Feminine & Masculine Frames
  • Tested on Skin Overlays; doesn’t work on all Skintones


This is probably my favourite item in the set, because it really compliments all sims and skin colors. Of the 7 shades of each color group, the first four are designed for light to medium skin colors, while the last 3 are for medium dark to very dark skin colors. If not used on the correct skin color, the blush may appear patchy, but don’t worry! There’s at least one shade for every natural skin color in both color groups. That’s the reason why some of the swatches appear identical: they’re not, they’re just adapted for different skin colors 🙂


A subtle eyeliner, designed to soften and deepen natural eyelashes.It comes in two styles: a rounder and a slightly more elongated shape, both with and without a bottom shadow that deepens lower lashes.

  • 2 swatches: a black and a dark brown shade
  • Feminine Frame Only
  • Tested on all EA’s eye shapes
  • Tested on Skin Overlays & Skintones
  • Tested on all natural Skin Colors


This was the first item of the set, born from my exasperation with fixing the very strange and unnatural look that eyelashes have in my pics, despite the use of very good eyeliners. I really think that this item along with the blush is a must have, especially if you take a lot of close-up pics with minimal to no editing at all. Sorry for not taking preview pics of the bottom shadow swatches, but they looked a bit goofy without the eyelashes so I decided to pass. In the before and after pic however you can see one of them in action 🙂


A set of pretty and subtle freckles to add a little bit of dimension to the face of your sims.

  • 4 swatches with different opacity
  • Feminine & Masculine Frames
  • Tested on all natural Skin Colors
  • Tested on Skin Overlays & Skintones
  • Three file options: freckles, left mole and mouth crease


The swatches are designed to make it show on all skin colors, so darker swatches will look a bit too strong on light skincolors and viceversa. The freckles could appear pixelated with some blushes, but they work with my blush and several of the blushes I have downloaded. The three file options included in the zip are compatible and will all show up in CAS


All the pics used in the preview slides are unedited and taken directly from CAS. All items in the set are compatible with each other and can be used together. Thumbnails are edited, but no editing has been made on the set items.

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