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Neighborhood stories in The Sims 4

by Root
Neighborhood stories in The Sims 4

Today’s game update adds many new features to the living neighborhood stories.

Last November, The Sims developers introduced neighborhood stories for The Sims 4 . With the help of this system, you can influence the lives of other Sims who are in contact with your household. Since then, small text messages have occasionally popped up asking these Sims for advice on making decisions.

The Neighborhood Stories system is now being extended to all Sims in the neighborhood with today’s update. All Sims can now experience these changes in their lives:

  • Adopt young Sims  (from baby to toddler) in the household.
  • Become pregnant by the treasure  and possibly give birth to a child. Family-oriented Sims are more likely to do this, while erratic Sims are less likely to do so. If a Sim or their sweetheart doesn’t like children, that change will never happen.
  • Some Sims can  adopt a dog or cat instead  (requires The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs).
  • Entering or leaving a career . The traits of the Sims have a significant impact on these decisions. Older Sims can choose  to retire .
  • Moving onto  and away from lots .
  • Losing life in different types of accidents , depending on risk factors such as age, characteristics, and career.

This should make the whole world appear much more alive. Of course, some more profound changes in the lives of the Sims are also possible with this. However, to keep you in control, there is a Neighborhood Story configurator. In the Manage Households area you can make these settings:

  • Independent configurations for “My Households” and “Other Households” : For each group of households, you can enable and disable any type of life modification and even disable all neighborhood stories for the households in one tab.
    • By default, Neighborhood Stories is enabled for Other Households and disabled for My Households.  This is to avoid unintentional changes in your long-played households
  • Household-Specific Configurations : Each household can have its own configuration, allowing you to make life changes that make sense of the household’s history.
  • Activate/deactivate settings globally : You can also completely deactivate the neighborhood stories if you wish.

You can find out about the latest developments in the neighborhood via a new interaction at the mailbox. The new system will be introduced with today’s update.

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