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Most Expensive House in Sims 4

by Ylvi
Most Expensive House in Sims 4

Basegame play,No CC,pls activate bb.moveobjects.Welcome to the bilyoner’s most expensive house in America.This super modern house has 11 bedrooms 11 bathrooms,private sauna,home theater,garage full of cars collections,private party area,relaxing lounge and bar,swimming pool and BBQ area and much more,

hello everyone . I love playing The Sims and I always try to create different stories. I am looking for shoes, accessories, boots, bracelets, earrings, hairpins and make-up for all kinds of clothes of the characters I make. Clothing and custom made items are always hard to find and here I am sharing custom made items for you.

Do you need stories for where the sims live other than their clothes?

Which house is suitable for which land?

when you browse the gallery you have to look at the filter and select the terrain type and the size of the terrain there.

for this you can find thousands of houses and buildings for different types of land in the gallery.

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