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Lolly Pink Showcase with Style

by Root
Lolly Pink Showcase with Style

Hair + Horns + Dress + Choker + Nails Socks + Shoes + Band-Aids The Sims 4 CAS ; TOP Models Also i made this Sim for my Lovely friend She looks absolutely pretty wonderful job Choker in 40 colors. Inspired by Monsta X’ Wonho.

finally figured out my own mesh! these ones are a bit shorter than my previous releases, but I’m definitely going to be making another because long nails are my fave! i also plan to make all future releases for both frames so no one is left out 🙂

Bonbon Style

  • bgc
  • 6 different mismatched swatches
  • custom thumbnail for each swatch
  • up close pics are unedited, in-game pics
  • thank you to all the cc creators used to dress my babes ♡
  • you can find all of the cc used


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