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league of legends PATCH 13.7 NOTES

by Root
league of legends PATCH 13.7 NOTES

 Hear ye, hear ye! We’ve successfully managed to reduce the influx of poros (and hats) that tried to take over the Rift this past weekend. We hope you enjoyed the shenanigans while they lasted! Without further ado, let’s get to patch 13.7.

This patch is addressing quite a few popular junglers in professional play like Vi, Sejuani, and everyone’s favorite monk, Lee Sin. We’re starting balance work now to get the meta in good shape for the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational, which means knocking top tier picks down a few pegs. You can also expect some more pro-oriented buffs coming in the next few patches.

But it’s not all about MSI! We also have some other changes this patch like making Rammus a bit softer, bugfixing Kha’Zix, and a new batch of April Fools skins. The next Clash Cup is also around the corner this weekend, and as a final reminder, all 32-bit clients will no longer be supported as of April 4 when patch 13.7 rolls out, read more details further below. And last but certainly not least, the Season 2023 Split 1 End is coming in 104 days, so I hope your climb is going well.

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