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League of Legends PATCH 13.6 NOTES

by Root
League of Legends PATCH 13.6 NOTES

Setting ablaze the hearts (and autos) of his allies while giving his enemies headaches, Milio “the Gentle Flame” gives a whole new meaning to the term friendly fire with his release this patch!

But wait, there’s more! We also have quite a few changes aimed at addressing the current early game bot lane skirmish meta with adjustments to ADCs and Drakes, a stunning new skin line thematic, a vaguely worded update on blind pick, and a new Mythic shop rotation! As a reminder, this is the last patch that League and TFT will be playable on a 32-bit client, so make sure you move to the 64-bit version.

Milio’s smile may be worth a Milio-n bucks, but TFT’s got a new mid-set sure to give him a run for his money! Read all about it in the TFT patch notes

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