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Wickedwhims Full Animations Folder !

by Ylvi
Wickedwhims Full Animations Folder

if you use wickedwhims after a while you start looking for different animations. Each of the animations is made by different makers and there is no one place to find them all.

I have prepared a list of all these great animations for you.

AMRA72, OOOLALA, R-LO, ZORAK, AZMODAN22, MIKE24, A.TROIS, WILD_GUY, MOTHERLODESIMS, LUPOBIANCO, YRSA, ANARCIS, SALARMOJ, CherryPie, Omaster, Simdulgence, ATrois, Alonely, necrodog, TLAYER, E404P, CHIMOCHICCHI, THEGAMERBOY, DART1FA, PZANIM, Lifeline, GreyNaya, Fouyaya, Kiki’s, Simtasia, Noir, 0zzzy, OLL, MISSME’s, FausTTerM’s, asketo’s, Playsim, NNISM, CIPHER, FEMDOMANIA, Artmiel, bobahloo, modella, Yummy-o Tummy, Bungholio, QuinSims, Bungholio18, Starlet Moon, KyleWoohoo, Kritical, Savaccini, khyan69, ephiny-asunder, BlueCraving, JaybeeAnimations

WickedWhims features dozens of useful commands that are available for all users. To see the full list of commands, open the Commands Console in the game by pressing the CTRL+SHIFT+C keys on your keyboard.

You can scroll up and down the list of commands with the scroll wheel on your mouse. Every command is placed under a category that is related to its purpose.

If you want to learn about commands syntax:

  • Certain commands have arguments, they are values that you might need to provide to use the command. These values are always placed after the command, separated by a space.
  • Usage of angle brackets (‘<‘, ‘>’) indicates that an argument in the command is required. You cannot use that command without inputting that argument.
  • Usage of square brackets (‘[‘, ‘]’) indicates that an argument in the command is optional. You can ignore it if you don’t find it necessary to input it.
  • When a command asks for a Sim first name and last name, but that Sim has a space in their name, use the underscore (‘_’) character in the places of the spaces.

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