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Sims 4 find sweetest poses

by Root
Sims 4 find sweetest poses

Cute couple poses for your sims. I hope you like them. Place two Teleporters in the same spot to pose Couple Photos, Couples, Wedding, Figure Poses, Couple Shots You can capture a tender moment by asking the couple to hold each other’s faces

Create the sweetest moments ever in the Sims 4 with these adorable custom poses for your sims

You get:

  • 8 single poses
  • + all in one

You need:

  • Pose Player
  • Teleport any sim mod

Sims 4 poses

ome sweet friend poses perfect for a holiday. So you want to bring your noses nice and close or even your foreheads a little bit

custom content for wedding

Credit : honeyssims4

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