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Sims 4 sexy outfit

by Root
Sims 4 sexy outfit

EDIT: fixed the attachment!

Includes: dress, socks, gloves (not compatible with other wrist accessories), headband (as hat)

Mesh: 100% new, all LODs
Textures: 100% new, HQ enabled
Fit: universal

NOTE: So, I’ve been having major issues with Iconic’s hat slider. Following the instructions for use and after weighting 50% each to left and right earrings, the result is very wrong and the slider axis is skewed for some reason. I don’t know whether it is an issue in Blender or in S4S, however, as the slider mod still works for older creations so I don’t think the issue is the slider itself. But I seem to be unable to fix this problem. Anyway. I’ve included 2 options for the headband – one for use with the slider and one without. If you don’t mind the skewed slider, you may use it as you wish.

Gloria Nun Set

i saw that there is really a lot of sexy or slutty clothing.

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Credit : ts4eve

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