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Community project brings many castles to Sims 4

by Root
Community project brings many castles to Sims 4

If you want to expand your Sims worlds with impressive palaces and castles, we have an overview of some very interesting buildings for you.

Again and again, creative hobbyists from the The Sims 4 community come together for projects, so-called collabs. For example, players have already transformed the world of Oasis Springs into ancient Egypt with temples and pyramids. The community project, which transformed Windenburg into a Harry Potter world with well-known locations from the films and books, was extremely popular .

Today we introduce you to the Colossal Castle Collab: The goal here was to build castles and palaces that are as impressive as possible. And that has really succeeded. Countless creative players took part . Below we present a selection of the plots created. 

Ice Princess

Credit : KaiXDemoness

Lot Type: Residential

  •  790,634
  •  50 x 50
  •  9
  •  6


USE CHEATS! each structure has something to offer including carriage house with caretaker’s quarters. 3 pools and hot tubs. Plenty of adult recreation while the children play.

Lot Type: Park

  •  449,956
  •  50 x 50


Find the Speed Build here Youtube/User/Hatsy

Lot Type: Residential


Welcome to the City of  Atlantis ! You can either use this as a house with your  family, or use it as a  bar nightclub lounge restaurant cafe  hangout and much more! Swim in the ancient pools or explore the underwater castle . Endless possibilities await

Lot Type: Residential

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