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Calories for Food and Drinks

by Root
Calories for Food and Drinks

Adds calories to food and drink items that don’t have any. Adds a daily caloric burn value so that sims can eat and maintain weight without cardio exercise. Sims have a hidden weight scale and they slowly put on weight as they eat. The amount of weight they put on depends on the calorie count set on the items they eat. Some items have this value set while others don’t. Sims will gain some weight from garden salads but not from eclairs for example. In order to make things a bit more consistent I added calorie counts to food and drink items that didn’t have any. I left the ones already set by the game as they were. To counter-balance the increased caloric input I added a daily caloric drain of 900 sim-calories. I wanted my sims to be able to eat multiple times a day (not only when hungry), occasionally have drinks and snacks, and maintain weight without increasing the fitness skill. All calories were assigned to fit in with the ones already in the game. As a general guideline on what the vanilla game values are: lobster thermidor is 800 calories and experimental main dishes are 600, cake and pies are around 400, bar drinks are 200, city living dishes are between 150-250, some ice creams and hamburgers are 300, soups and lighter items are 200, healthy and light snacks are 150.

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