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Cute Blonde Candy Girl Sonia

by Ylvi
Blonde Candy Girl sims 4 cc lookbook

Blonde candy girl lives in a small town and prepares to go to college. great blonde cute girl but rebellious. she’s a secret alien, she’s looking for a love on earth because she couldn’t find the love she was looking for on the planet sixam so you can see in a different town every month on sims maps. Who knows, maybe she will be your great love. The Sims is getting boringDo your Sims always look the same You absolutely cannot find a CC that you like Or you want to build but have absolutely no idea? I know that too well. And until you can afford the next pack, have a look here, because this is where I collect all kinds of challenges, ideas for building, for the CaS, tips, tricks and of course memes.

This is about the fact that I created a new game in Sims 4. I will tell you about this as often as I can

What if one bug could control your entire city through a video game.



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