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Strange Black Emo Konusuba

by Ylvi
Black Emo Konusuba sims 4 cc download hairstyle

instagram and facebook her life.. a girl who dreams of being a famous youtuber and will do anything for it. Lips

ahh you like emo girls too? she likes the black and white combination and has crazy tattoos

The appearance and the name/gender/voice/gait can then be adjusted as usual. The achievement, character traits and bonuses remain fixed. These are based on the answers to your questions.

The story mode

After the first Sim is created, you might want to create even more Sims, also with the story mode. This is done as usual via the +Sim icon and then the Add Sim via stories option . This then automatically triggers the questions.

If you create a Sims in an existing save either via the household manager or via the button in the world overview, the question whether a Sim should be created in story mode does not automatically appear, even if it is a new household.

If you upload a Sim created in story mode to the gallery/library, the story icon and the starting credit are not saved as the gallery does not know this information.

So when you download such a sim, they are like any other sim with skills and a job remaining for the sim.

The story mode icon is only present until you bring the Sim into play. If you go back to the CAS with it afterwards, it won’t be there anymore either.

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