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1.95-1.96 Basemental Drugs 7.17.199 (15.03.2023)

by Root
Basemental Drugs

Your sims could experiment with drugsThis mod allows your sims to try ally types of drugs. for nisa mod

Sims 4 can be very fun to play, but some may find the game to be a bit mild with content and may want to inject some more mature content into their gaming. The mod requires Basemental Drugs and the Get To Work expansion pack. The Basemental Drugs mod adds a degree of danger and illegality to the game that’s quite revolutionary.

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Basemental Gangs 1.84-1.90 6.22.64 (26.07.2022)

Credit : By Basementalcc

Basemental Gangs is a mod that adds gangs for The Sims 4. The mod requires Basemental Drugs and the Get To Work expansion pack. Basemental Gangs features rivalries between gangs, micromanaging your own gang members, use gang members as drug runners, run your operations through your own gang headquarters, exclusive new opportunities from your right hand man and much, much more

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