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Sims 4 all scenarios mod

by Root
Sims 4 all scenarios mod

Here’s a mod that will do away with the limited time and partial scenarios lists. Popping this one package file into your Mods folder will get you access to all EA scenarios up to the current patch!  

It looks like the “Surviving The Holidays” scenario was actually delivered with the last patch, it’s timer just hasn’t set it active yet, so you can actually try it already while using All Scenarios.  

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This is a Release Candidate, meaning all patrons have access and I believe it’s free or mostly free of bugs. It will be the public version if no issues are found. Public release is set for 12.7.21


Didn’t see this anywhere really so decided to highlight it here! For all the scenario fans out there, enjoy and shout out to the incredibly talented TwistedMexi. Honestly just legendary!

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Credit : its-opheliasgarden

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